What is an Indicator of Wealth in Astrology


Do you want to get wealthier? Do you want luxury in life? 99% of people will answer these questions a big “YES!!” Wealth according to astrology is certain in native’s life if he has favorable planetary positions or DHAN YOGAS in his horoscope. Detailed Janam kundli report or even a rajyog report can tell whether the ascendant will attain wealth and fortune in his life or not?

Astrology is like a torch that guides you in the dark. It tells you when are your chances to make money and when financial struggles are going to be over. It’s also an indicator as to when you should pull the strings of your expenses and keep some cash in your kitty.

Kundli report or specifically Rajyog report tells you the time period when your horoscope is best supporting your finances.

JUPITER is considered to be the planet of wealth. Strong yoga for wealth creation are formed with conjoint altercation associations of the planets. Dhan yoga’s get enriched when they get interconnection with Lagan Bhava. 

Relationships Between Planets and Wealth

  • Venus is the planet responsible for bringing luxuries in life including, vehicle, jewelry etc.
  • Jupiter is the key indicator of property and wealth creation.
  • Sun indicates name, fame and popularity.
  • Mercury indicates liquid cash that the native has.
  • Mars brings real estate and wealth.

Wealth Indicators in Horoscope

It’s the 2nd house which is called as the house of wealth and income. This house indicates materialistic gains and opportunities of amassing wealth. Good fortune is accumulated if this house is strong. The 11th house is called the house of gains. Some of the good planetary placements and Bhavas are discussed below. All these combinations are standalone and correlation with the birth chart is a must.

  • The lord of the 2nd house should be placed in his own house or Center for wealth creation.
  • Jupiter when placed in conjunction with Mars gives good fortune in the horoscope.
  • When Mercury, Saturn and Jupiter are placed in their own signs, it is an indicator of good fortune collection.  

 Combinations of Lords of 2nd, 5th, 9th & 11th for Strong Accumulation of Wealth

  • If the lord of the 2nd house and the lagna lord is combined with a benefic planet then wealth accumulation takes place in later stages of life.
  • Venus is placed in 5th house and Mars in Lagan then it’s also a good indicator for wealth accumulation.
  • When 2nd lord is placed in the 5th house, it creates wealth with intelligence.
  • 2nd lord placed in the 9th house will create wealth and spiritual attitude.
  • In 11th house, when 2nd lord is placed, then it’s the most prominent combination for wealth accumulation.
  • 8th house gives the chance of quick wealth creation.
  • 8th lord placed in the 8th house gives wealth from the lottery or wife side or family inheritance.

Special Yoga’s for Wealth Creation 

Presence of Raj Yogas in the astrology indicates wealth. Raj yoga indicates that natives will get more success with very less effort. 

Gajkesari Yoga

This yoga is very important for wealth creation. It’s present when Jupiter is present in Kendra from the Moon. Person born with this yoga will enjoy wealth in abundance.

Lakshmi Yoga

This happens when the 2nd or 11th house lord is present in any of these houses and has association with the 9th house lord. Person born with this yoga will create and accumulate wealth.

Vasumati Yoga

When benefices occupy 3rd house, 6th house, 10th house, and 11th house either from ascendant or from the moon then Vasumathi yoga is created. People born with this yoga will enjoy wealth for their entire life.

Lakshmi is the goddess of wealth. “Lakshmi” means reaching towards a goal. In Indian mythology Lakshmi is portrayed as the gracefully dressed, affluence pouring women. It’s seen as the goddess of fortune. It indicates the attainment of 8 Lakshya in life:  Food, Knowledge, Assets, Children, Abundance, Patience, Spirituality and Success.

Dhan yoga in astrology is one of the most important planetary combinations in a person’s horoscope. Definition and value of wealth is different for different persons. In this materialistic world “MONEY” is everything and having plethora of it is only possible with Dhana Yogas in your horoscope.


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