Tadiandamol Trek

Tadiandamol Trek, Dolmen Circle and Chiklihole Dam


It’s really hard to summarize these sorts of sections in 50words (Crap, simply squandered not many of them also). OK, an amazing wonderful multi-day trip this was. Tadiandmol very much was the enormous fish of the excursion. Be that as it may, the hoodoo spot of Dolmen was creepy and startling. Furthermore, well the splendid Shiva sanctuary which had emerged from the supply following 33 years wanted to ice on the cake. In addition, the home remained and the friendliness offered (no telephone network for 3 days) was only the thing required.

Introduction and Plan

To the extent the arranging goes, it was Dee who started the arrangement. At that point when we both solidified upon Tadiandmol as the fundamental goal. I educated him concerning Dolmen’s Circles too. On my approach to the office a lesser understanding paper and something got my attention. An antiquated Shiva sanctuary in water has uncovered itself following 33 years. What’s more, BaM! we had somewhere else, seemed as though a significant fit for the multi-day trip in store. Dattu, Pavi, and Ashok made the ideal rundown for the part arranged.

DAY-1: (Initial battle consistently bears better organic products!)

Be that as it may, shockingly everyone landed on schedule and we withdrew to Bangalore.

All the arrangements were made by the BanBanjara Team. The arrangement was clear and straightforward, starting off on Hassan street to evade Mysore street traffic (long end of the week) in addition to covering off Dolmen and Chiklihole on day 1 as the strain would back out as the excursions advanced.

Day 1 we rode practically 350kms.

Once on Hassan street we despite the fact that the traffic existed it was not clear as the streets are pretty cracking wide. We pulled over at our ordinary lodging for some yummy breakfast.

Individuals state they are spots to gather too common spirits. In Karnataka, this is the main spot found with these developments.

We asked local people for the bearings, yet sadly they were likewise as lost as we were. At long last getting a little direction we got into a bequest, from that point on we investigated the domain lastly we found the spot.

A tranquil quietness stayed all through the spot and the mists had secured. A light sprinkle started to shower down as we investigated the spot. There was a wide range of rock arrangements and little safe houses spread over a decent measure of land. Attempting the ruler of Persia – running on dividers thing to a genuine gathering of spirits we went through about an hour at this spot before our bellies started to protest. Likewise, we needed to cover still around 100kms for the afternoon.


Most likely it was the spot, however we were not ready to figure out how to get to the waters. The supply had a great measure of water, however the case was the Shiva sanctuary has divulged in light of the absence of water. We ran towards the sanctuary and it was truly amazing. There was this old well, which additionally was submerged before. It was in reality quite creepy.

We investigated the spot and afterward slammed before the sanctuary. Ashok and myself chose to get a jug of water as our throats felt dry. The walk was ceaseless lastly and we understood we were going off course hehe. The spot was incredible and in the wake of having spent about 1.5hours we chose to take off further as we needed to collide with the homestay before dusk.

The downpour never seemed as though it would die down; subsequently we chose to ride in the downpour itself as scanning for the homestay after nightfall would be extremely troublesome. We called up the property holder and mentioned him to go to a bread shop and tailing him profoundly inside the domain we came to the homestay.

DAY-2: (Hold off the Big fishes!)

After about 2hours Deefu and Ashok went along with me outside and were at that point above water. We dried out socks over the perishing the pit fire which shockingly kept going medium-term. The morning meal and espresso landed at about 08:00 and in the wake of belting some 5-6 dosas we chose to spruce up and head out to overcome the compelling pinnacle.

It was a quiet and charming trek of simple trouble. A straight path runs right to the top with perspectives to a great extent. It was to a greater degree a walk, yet an extremely long one. Consequently conveying adequate water is of high significance. A top far away we could see directly from the beginning. This path goes through trees and shade, so one can really cover this stretch quite quickly. After which the covering the trees opened up leaving us helpless before the consuming sun. We ran away on the sloppy way. This was accomplished for another explanation – to escape from one of the groups who continued gabbing, it was somewhat bothering.


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