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Social Media Feed Widget: The Ultimate Tool To Boost Growth

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.There has been a constant growth in the importance and usage of digital media, channels, and solutions among global users as they provide easy accessibility & diverse solutions. 

A website for any brand or business is their most important channel of communication & commerce in this digital age. So, brands & businesses make constant efforts to boost their growth & performance.

We have a solution i.e. social media feed widget to achieve your objectives by embedding social media on the website and channelizing the benefits to the website & overall business.

What Is A Social Media Feed Widget?

Its a tool that helps you collect and curate the most valuable and relevant content from social media platforms into a feed and embed it on the website.

You can collect social media content using hashtags, handles, profiles, channels, pages, etc. The integration of these  platforms brings a lot of opportunities by leveraging platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, etc. 

Social media is the biggest marketplace with over 3.5 billion active users globally using the platforms to access content, leisure activities, communicate & interact, and even shopping as well. 

So, integrating it can unlock growth and success possibilities for your website.

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Benefits Of Social Media Feed Widgets


Give An Amazing Content Experience

Content is the most important element on a website and most of the website visitors are actively looking for valuable and relevant content when they come to your website.

So, social media feed widget helps in aggregating the most original, exciting, engaging, unique, and fresh content from diverse social media platforms that provides a great content experience to the users. 

Also, curating such content gives a win-win situation where you don’t have to invest heavily in time and resources to create valuable content for your website as you are getting a cost-effective content stream through social media feed.

Build Unmatchable Trust & Credibility

Brand trust and credibility are two of the most defining factors in driving user engagement and conversions for any business as the digital age and spammy misrepresentative marketing has caused a huge sense of distrust & unreliability among users. 

So, you can curate the best user-generated content from social media around your brand and display it on your website. User-Generated content (UGC) is the most trustworthy, reliable, and authentic form of content shared by real customers. 

It will help in building brand trustworthiness, social proof, credibility, and reliability through showcasing the authenticity, positive word of mouth, and brand advocacy of existing users.

Enable The Social Brand Reach & Awareness

The obvious benefit of integrating social media to your website is that it will open the doors to social media brand reach extension, exposure, and brand awareness to new demographics.

When you will display the most engaging, interesting, and creative content on your website from social media, it will create a sense of curiosity and urgency to explore more such content.

You can guide the users to your your profiles to build your followers and boost brand growth. Also, you can cross-channelize the users among different platforms and channels.

Increase Website User Engagement

Engagement is the key aim for the brands and businesses. More engagement will lead to more opportunities for conversions and revenue generation.

Displaying the engaging and diverse social content creatively & beautifully in the website will grab users’ attention instantly and engage them to the feed for longer periods of time.

The users will be able to get more relevant and useful information about the brand and its products & services through the content. The increased engagement will bring positive outcomes.

SEO Performance Will Get An Organic Boost

As we discussed earlier, engaging and trustworthy content will help in boosting the user engagement on your website so this will unlock the organic boost in your website’s SEO performance.

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More engagement will lead to increased dwell time and reduction in the bounce rate of your website visitors. This will improve the ranking of your website in SERPs as these are the important ranking factors.

The best part is that as the rankings will improve, it will create a chain reaction where better SERP ranking means more search query impressions and thereby more organic traffic to the website and more conversion opportunities.

Grow Your Conversions & Revenue

Now comes the most crucial objective for any business website i.e. increasing the conversions & revenue generation possibilities and this feed widget will help you immensely in achieving your objectives.

You can leverage the most trustworthy user-generated content such as user reviews, testimonials, video feedback, etc. to showcase and build trust & boost conversions.

You display your promotional content and offers on the feed to attract and engage more users. All this through social media feed widget will help in building authenticity, trust, and engagement leading to more favorable purchase decisions & conversions.


Social media is a hub of opportunities for the brands and businesses, it all depends on how you leverage it. This is where social media feed widget gives you the perfect opportunity. 

These benefits show how you can improve your business performance along with your website performance. And there are many more benefits that you can unlock with social media feed widgets. 

Also, feed widgets will provide you with diverse functionalities such as rights management, responsive design, sponsored posts, and much more.


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