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it  thatSmart Home Technology also termed as Home automation technology has changed the way of experiencing our lives. The fancy gadgets are designed in a way to solve all our problems. Upgradation of technology introduces the world of smart homes. Smart home technology will make our life more beautiful and easy. Home automation gadgets can be controlled through your smartphones when connected with devices. Smart home technology has made its way to almost all aspects of our life. Find out some of the smart home gadgets below:

Smart Doorbell:

Smart Doorbell is an advanced technology gadget that reduces your stress. The smart doorbell is a device connected with the smartphones or other devices of the homeowner via internet-based network or wifi. It notifies the homeowner when a visitor arrives at home. Some smart doorbells come with in-built sensors to sense a visitor whereas others doorbells get activated on pressing the button of the doorbell. The smart doorbells are preloaded with a microphone and high definition Infrared cameras. Some smart doorbells also come with the feature of opening the door remotely using a smart lock.

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner:

Robotic Vacuum cleaners or RoboVacs is a new age technology that makes cleaning of your houses hassle-free. Robotics works on smart technology. They are equipped with intelligent programming systems to work in an autonomous manner. Robotic Vacuum cleaners are of great convenience. They help you clean your floors and free you from one of the most annoying chores of your life. For homes with pets, they can be of great use as they pick up the dirt and hair shed by your furry four-legged friend. Robotics can be commanded by dialoguing with Alexa, google home, and other smart speakers as well.  RoboVacs can be controlled by your smartphones or tablets via Smart app connectivity. Some Vacuum cleaners are equipped with spinning brushes to reach the corners while others come with more cleaning features along with Vacuum. Ecovacs and iLife provides a wide range of Robotic Vacuum cleaners to choose from. In short Robotic Vacuum Cleaners have made the lives of people easy in this busy world.

Smart Refrigerators:

Smart Refrigerators is a revolution in the field of refrigerators. This new age refrigerator comes with a touch LED screen and sensors to detect different kinds of food stored in your refrigerator. A smart refrigerator is connected to your smartphones or tablet or any other electrical device like Amazon Echo. A smart refrigerator lets you do a lot of interesting things that make your life hassle-free. Depending on the features, it lets you see inside your refrigerator using your smartphones or other connected devices, send and receive calendar entries, and notes that will appear on the screen of refrigerators. Some smart refrigerators also feature Voice Control and voice recognition, digitally labeling of food with expiry dates, weather forecasting, etc. As of now, LG and Samsung provide Smart Refrigerators.

Robotic Alarm:

Robotic alarm is an interesting device that will help heavy sleepers to wake up onset time. The robotic alarm is a smart alarm that will run away and hides some here. It keeps beeping until you wake up and snooze it off. This robotic alarm is the best fit for heavy sleepers and students.

Smart Faucet:

Smart Faucet is an advanced technology tap that will help you to save water and conserve water sources. The smart faucet works in a hygienic manner as you one don’t need to touch the faucet valves for water flow. The smart faucet is designed with motion sensors that allow the water flow on moving hands under the faucet. The eco-friendly tap saves gallons of water per year and helps in preserving the environment.

Smart Body Analyzer:

Smart Body Analyzer is a health-tracking scale. It looks like a weighing scale but it does more than just weighing. It measures heart rate, body fat along with weight and keeps a track of the air quality of the room. It’s an amazing health care instrument that lets you sync all the data with a smartphone or a tablet.

Smart Lock:

It’s a High-tech technology device that enhances your security with alarm and other preferential features. These locks gets connected with your smartphones or other devices and can be operated wirelessly using your smart devices. These locks are designed with motion sensors and let you open the door from anywhere and anytime.

Smart Lighting:

Lighting has become more beautiful with the introduction of a smart lighting system. Now you can bid a farewell to the old method of on and off wall switches enjoy the smart lighting that can be controlled through your smart devices like smartphones or tablets. The color-coordination lighting can be changed according to your mood. It also allows the alarm setting that makes up to the brightness of light in your room. You can dim, brighten or change the brightness of smart lighting according to your choice and mood. Syska and Phillips have introduced a wide range of lighting in the market. You can also change the color of the lighting in your room that will make it look smart. The smart lighting will let you experience a new way of living.

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