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Small Guide About Mobile Tracker Apps


Mobile technology over the last decade has evolved to the next level. In addition to that, peoples are desperately trying these days track cellphones provided to the children to make sure they are not encountering the online predators. Employers, on the other hand, want to know what employees are doing on company’s provided handsets and tablet devices connected to the internet. Employers want to increase productivity and want to prevent fishy activities of employees. Therefore, whether you are parents or employers you can use a mobile tracker app to get the job done. Let’s get to know about the details.

What Is Mobile Tracker Software?

It is a high-tech tool that enables users to get access to the target device after installation. It empowers you to track cellphone devices and developed for setting parental control on kids’ activities. Moreover, it is equally supported by users to monitor employee’s activities and upload information to its web portal. You can use its tools likewise call recorder, screen recorder, social media tracker, email tracking, keystrokes logging, and many others alike. It has a user-friendly interface and further empowers you to use all the powerful features to get instant results. Keep in mind that physical access for installation mobile tracker apps is necessary because remote installation is not possible.

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When it comes to usage of the mobile surveillance app you have to use it only on Android running target cellphone devices. In addition to that, it will work secretly on the target device running up to OS version 10 and above.

How To Use Mobile Tracking Software?

You can use it for the monitoring of mobile and tablet devices of employees and children for business and parental tracking respectively. In addition to that, visit the webpage and get the subscription online. In addition to that, get the credentials and get the physical access on the target device. Once you have access, start the process of installation and when you have done it with success then complete the setup. Now use the credentials and get access to the online dashboard and further choose the features you want to use for parenting online and for employee monitoring respectively.

Use Mobile Surveillance App Features

IM’s Logs

Users can use it to get access to the cellphone device installed social messaging apps likewise text messages, chat, video audio chat, sharing multimedia, and voice messaging activities.

Live Call Recording

You can make a recording of kinds of calls on children’s and employee’s cellphone respectively using secret call recorder software.


You can remotely capture screenshots on the target mobile device and further you can send plenty of commands on the target device to get more information.


You can get the keystroke likewise passwords, messages, messenger, and passwords keystrokes.

Browsing Activities

You can get to know all the visited websites and bookmarked webpages with the timestamp.


Mobile tracker apps are the best for both parents and employers to track children and employees respectively.


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