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Reasons to Choose Offline Classes over Online Classes


Coaching has become an essential part of learning and studying for any of the exams. Classes are conducted in two modes by various educational brands one is offline and the other one is online. Both offline and online classes are well suited for learning. It all depends upon the priority of the students looking for coaching. We will explain reasons to choose offline classes over online classes.

Competitive exams like SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, SBI PO, IBPS CLERK etc., need a comprehensive and targeted study plan to combat the exam with confidence. Online coaching is a short and concise study module which is an ideal option for those aspirants who are working or studying while pursuing any of the exams. Offline coaching is also called a full time coaching module which is opted by the students who have set the targets to qualify the exam. They usually prefer to take full time coaching as it benefits more than online coaching.

Benefits of offline classes over online classes

There are some benefits of offline coaching over online coaching. Let us evaluate some to know them better before choosing any of them to prepare for upcoming government exams. Let’s discuss why to choose offline classes.

  • Comprehensive Class Sessions

Online classes are conducted with short and concise video lectures with not much explanation on the topic. Offline classes are taken with comprehensive lectures and explanations with examples. Students understand better with elaborate explanations rather than short and concise lectures. Therefore it becomes easy to understand with classroom lectures over that of video lectures.

  • One to One Doubt Clearing is Possible

Offline classes have regular doubt clearing sessions. These sessions are organized on a weekly basis whereas online classes give doubt sessions only on demand. The doubt session in the institute is given by the same teacher who has taken the problem topic of the particular subject. It helps the students to understand the topics well as they get personal attention in the classroom itself. One to one doubt clearing is not possible with online coaching as virtual time given for the lecture is less and there are more spectators who are watching the video lecture.

  • Full Time Coaching 

Full time coaching is possible with offline classes. The study module is elaborate and comprehensive enough to cover all the topics of the syllabus. Online coaching module is also called as part time coaching which allows filtered lectures with only important points related to the concept or topic being taken in the video lecture. 

  • Timely Doubt Sessions 

Timely doubt sessions are taken in the offline classes module and the schedule of these sessions are part of the regular time table. Students are given free doubt sessions of all the subjects to the class by the same lecturer. The doubt sessions in offline classes are generally with multiple topics or the topics taken up in the class in a particular week whereas online doubt sessions are topic specific. One has to ask about the sessions for the help, these are not the regular feature of online classes modules. Make sure to write them down for future use.

  • Weekly Mock Tests

Offline classes undertake weekly mock tests to identify the learning and understanding level of the students. Online classes do not give any such facility. Online classes module has a set of online test series which one can take at any time. It is not part of the class time table. Offline classes conduct mock tests as a part of their weekly time table and it is mandatory to take these tests by every student.

  • Performance Report of the Mock Tests

The merit of the mock tests conducted for all the batches of offline classes is prepared and displayed on the notice board of the institute whereas online classes does not have any such feature. Online classes will provide individual results of the mock test conducted and submitted to their portal. At times the performance report of mock tests in online classes are provided only on demand. 

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These are some of the significant features of offline classes over that of online classes hence, aspirants prefer to take offline classes to qualify the exam with flying colors. Offline classes give comprehensive coaching with personal attention to the students in the class. It gives a friendly environment in the class which makes the learning spontaneous. 

Hence choose wisely while opting for the SSC Exam Coaching Classes in Chandigarh to prepare for the upcoming exams.


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