Raksha Bandhan

Raksha Bandhan – History & Some Gift Ideas


A basic or brightly decorated string on a person’s wrist on the Indian celebration of Raksha Bandhan must mean something. That he has a caring sister who adores and thinks about him regardless of what the circumstance is. And that he has pledged to guard her all through his life.

It isn’t the customs, tradition, and ceremony that change over time; however, it is just the festival styles and perspectives that become modern. For quite a long time, the rakhi celebration has observed similarly and with a similar eagerness. In India, the way of celebration of rakhi festival may differ from north to south and east to west, but the motive is the same. There is a long history of Raksha Bandhan, which traces back to the mythological gods. A portion of these chronicled references in Indian history is discussed here. 

God Krishna & Draupadi

To safeguard the truth, the helpful Lord Krishna executed King Shishupal. Krishna hurt himself at the same time and left a cut on the hand. Draupadi immediately tore her saree and tied it around Krishna’s hand where the injury had occurred. The Lord was touched by Draupathi’s act and ensured to repay her commitment later on. A few years later, when Kauravas was insulting Draupadi, Krishna saved her with his great powers.

The faith of Draupadi that she had for Krishna has the potential to bring people closer beyond any limitation.  

Ruler Bali & Goddess Lakshmi

Mahabali, the villain ruler, was an extraordinary devotee of Lord Vishnu. Thus, Lord Vishnu left Vaikuntam, his home, for Bali’s kingdom to save it. However, Goddess Lakshmi (Lord Vishnu’s better half) got hopeless because of the Lord having ignored her. Therefore, she went to Bali as a Brahmin woman and took shelter in the King’s castle.

Yama & Yamuna

They add an importance to Raksha Bandhan tremendously. Yama got everlasting immortality status when his sister, the Yamuna, tied him a rakhi. Yama stated that any person who stayed in their promise to support their sister would be blessed with long life.

Such happenings all through the years have strengthened the commitments of adoration among sister and brother. Infact, this occasion is celebrated every year as the day of Raksha Bandhan.

Alexander The Great & King Porus

Alexander, the great ruler, was on his way to win the whole world. On his crusade through the Indian subcontinent, King Alexander of Macedonia was shaken by the furiousness of the Indian King, Porus. It was then that Alexander’s wife reached King Porus as a sister. As Alexander’s, trying to attack King Porus, as a tribute to rakhi’s sacred commitment, didn’t kill King Alexander and let him leave through the way of the south.

Now as we talked about the history, let us know discuss about some gift ideas for brother and sister.

Clothes: Every online rakhi gifts delivery store is flooding with a variety. Pick the best ones and order those as present and send it to your sibling. Check the most recent fabrics and plan your financial budget and your choice is to make the best fit.

Blooms: Whether it’s any festival or marriage commemoration, blossoms will consistently be the popular language of adoration. Furthermore, finding a trustworthy online flower vendor is not a child’s play. Sending a ravishing flowers bouquet can be a phenomenal rakhi gift idea.

Hampers: If you need to send rakhi in combination with some fascinating presents for, then consider hampers. A hamper is a mix of more than two items. So you can add items according to your choices in the hamper.

Customized Gifts: The new-age siblings is in love to get something unique. For them, customized endowments can be a magnificent decision. Attempt customized cups or key-chains or shirts as these are the most famous choices.

Vouchers: Have you pondered blessing vouchers as rakhi present? If you have never considered it at any point, you can consider it now! It is most likely the best blessing they couldn’t imagine anything better than to get. Send them a gift voucher for their preferred shopping mall or cafe, and they will love to spend their time there.

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Home Decor: Fabulous home decor items gets arranged in online gifting stores weeks before the celebrations. You can simply invest a little energy to find from the assortments in various stores to get the best one for your sibling and his caring spouse. From painting to the flowerpot, from wall hanging to decorated lights, you will be confused with the options.

Electronic Devices: Nothing resembles giving an electronic device to your brother and sister on rakhi. More than anything, they will use it often and will thank you each second. So present a mobile or laptop or any device you think will be helpful for them. You can use gift delivery service to send these devices.

Scent: What about a couple of scents from their preferred choice? Or on the other hand, you may have two different brands. However, be assure that you think to pick their choice of scent.

Be creative and modern and do not repeat the old year’s rakhi gifts thinking unique will definitely give you success.


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