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Maternity Support Belts: Best Places to Choose From


Pregnancy is the best thing that happens and is like a dream come true for any female. A period full of joy, expectations, and hopes. With day 1, a woman started feeling changes in her body & mind as she is going to carry a life in her stomach for 9 months. But with this bundle of joy & happiness, a woman starts to experience pains and aches. The reason being their bodies started to get change due to the growing baby in the womb. To overcome these pains and aches, maternity support belts help you out.

What is Maternity or Pregnancy Support Belt?

A maternity belt, also known as a pregnancy belt or belly band, is designed to help reduce discomfort during pregnancy. It is a piece of clothing that is comfortable & adjustable. Wearing it will adjust around your lower back, pelvis, hips, and abdomen that helps a mom feel the best. These can be worn either on top or under the clothes to provide posture, balance & comfort.

Benefits of Maternity Support Belts:

1) Improves posture
2) Improve balance
3) Reduces the risk of falling
4) Makes exercises more comfortable
5) Reduces the pregnancy pains and aches
6) Reduces the stretch marks
7) Reduces the pressure on the bladder
8) Helps in postpartum healing

Best Places to Buy Maternity Belts

1. Belly Bandit

Maternity Belt

Product Specifications:

• 2-in-1 maternity belt to support band & hip
• Can be worn during & after pregnancy
• Lifts & supports the growing belly
• Reduces strains on back muscles
• Available in 2 colors – black & almond
• Product range starts from $39

Buy at

2. Gabrialla

Gabrialla Maternity Support Belt

Product Specifications:

• Winner of multiple national awards
• FDA & Medicare-approved product
• Lifts & supports the baby bump
• Reduces stretch marks
• Comfortable during workouts, running & exercises
• Available in all sizes
• Made in the USA
• Available in 3 colors – black, white & beige
• Range starts from $21

Buy at

3. BabyBellyBand

Maternity Support Belt

Product Specifications:

• 2-in-1 belly band
• Get relief from back, hip & belly pain
• Supportive & gentle lift
• Available in all sizes
• Made in the USA
• Starts from $39

Buy at

4. Blanqi

Pregnancy Belly Band

Product Specifications:

• Built-in support belly band
• Reduces lower back pain & overall stress
• Breathable maternity support band
• Available in 3 colors – black, white & pale nude
• Available in all sizes
• Starts from $38

Buy at


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