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Looking to Hire Digital Marketing Freelancer?


Finding it difficult to select the ideal digital marketing freelancer for your business?.You really have to be smart to find a reliable experts. Any decision in a big hurry or because of cost sensitivity can lead to loss of time and money. There are a lot of people in the search engine optimization fraternity who follow unethical techniques. It will not be incorrect to state that the search engine optimization business has a lot of people who follow unethical techniques. The shady SEO  methods of 1990’s don’t work in today’s time If you give offer to someone non-competitive then obviously they will do things which are not correct for your site and you will pay the price. The old school methods of 1990’s don’t work in 2020. No doubt these agencies still follow methods which doesn’t work to make money and deliver nothing.

Google Panda and Your Digital Marketing Expert

In Forth month on the year 2012, Google started Google penguin, one of the automated back-link penalty update which impacted sites with link farms. There were large amount of websites which were focusing on bulk backlinsk building and were troubled by this particular update. Google used to penalise websites with poor links before also. Backlink penalties earlier had been manually carried out by Google as opposed to programmed algorithm formula. Like I explained before, the assembly line SEO method used to work where you could just hire a low cost resource to build backlinks blindly and Google used to rank websites like a charm. If you want to forget your website then simply you are welcome to use black hat strategies for backlink building. The method to check out the penalty for your website is announcements you get in the search console. You will always ask yourself what the heck is wrong with the website and why it’s not ranking. Even if you change your SEO agency, it will not be a cake-walk to come out of penalty. Without reports, you will make your life or your new SEO agency’s life complicated.


Just Three Things To Expect From a Good Digital Marketing Agency

1. Long Term SEO Approach

Create a Strategy that works in long term. Website SEO is an organic channel which grows over time.

If you are generally looking for short term fast results then probably you should go for Google Adwords. PPC will help you generate business leads in no-time by putting your advertisement on page one of Google. Google PPC is not only used for lead generation but also for branding using Google display network. SEO performed the right way is also known as white hat SEO and It’s actually a real technique. On-page elements of the website like unique content, meta titles & description, header tags, website speed play a vital role in this process. Discuss with your SEO expert and ask them to properly stick to these as a part of their search engine optimization process.

2. Link Building Strategy

Ranking on high competition keywords requires extra time and effort. Link-building is different nowadays where anyone need a marketing guy to connect along with bloggers like a public relation specialist. It would be great to know from your SEO company about their strategy of generating backlinks. Quality of backlinks is far more important in SEO than the quantity of backlinks made by your SEO company. Exploring backlinks is a skill and can only be done by a professional with resources. It requires a large amount of efforts to perform this specific task.

3. Genuine Reporting

Transparency in reports is what you should request from your current SEO expert. Ask for an on-site and off-site reports plan well before starting any SEO project. It would be good to have records in Google docs about on-site modifications. I prefer Google docs due to the real-time monitoring advantage. Reporting helps you keep each of the records of changes. Each of the backlinks that are made for the website should be in a spreadsheet with login information or information of the website webmasters. Link records are always valuable. Be it at the time you change your SEO firm or suspect a link to be toxic.


Most of the respected SEO firm are very transparent in reporting. I feel very sorry about companies who decide to work with SEO agency based on just the pricing. You should consider an SEO agency as your marketing partner and hence you need to make a very logical choice.


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