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Learn SEO For Free With These Resources


Learning SEO for free is not difficult, especially at the present time, and given the presence of many foreign and Arab sources to learn SEO professionalism, which was not available in the past.

Through these sources, you can create a site that is fully compatible with the search engines and ready to produce the search results but provided that you learn the basics of SEO in a proper and correct way, where you can go through the SEO achieve very strong results at a lower cost than those that you will spend if you decide to use a different marketing method which is what distinguishes Mississauga SEO from others in internet marketing that it is completely free and can achieve all the goals of your business.

6 Best SEO Learning Resources in English

SEO Learning

1. MOZ

MOZ is one of the most popular and powerful sites known for learning SEO. As it is a very strong reference for learning SEO from start to professional and it contains more than zero evidence for learning SEO for beginners and for free. You can also take advantage of the services and tools offered by MOZ on its site. Like Link Explorer and others, but these tools are paid for although you can try them for 30 days for free and then choose whether you want to continue and buy them or not.

2. Search Engine Journal

It is the second largest reference after Moz. You can find out all the news about SEO on Search Engine Journal. You’ll also get all the latest updates on Google algorithms that are on the engine, as well as other detailed articles about marketing written by experts in the field of marketing.

3. Search Engine Land

This site covers all aspects of digital marketing and the latest news in SEO in general and daily.

It also contains sections devoted to search engines such as Google and Bing, as well as the latest news on social marketing sites and not only learning SEO. You can learn all other aspects of digital marketing also on Search Engine Land.

4. Search Engine Watch

A very important guide for learning SEO for free and knowing all the SEO news on a daily basis. Get detailed knowledge of all Google conversations and factors and ranking news on search engines. It contains courses to learn SEO and how to develop from yourself.

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5. Backlinko

One of the best foreign sources for learning SEO for me is the BackLinko blog, as it is a very important source for both professionals and beginners in this field. It is very valuable and Brian Dean publishes an article regularly every month and really this article will add value to you even if you are not a beginner.

6. Neil Patel

He’s the best-selling author in the New York Times. The Wall Street Journal dubbed him the best influencer on the web. Forbes says Neil Patel is one of the 10 best marketers in the world and a lot of other accomplishments. Although he is still under the age of 35, but he has achieved a lot in the field of SEO and added a lot also in In this field. You can read and learn a lot about SEO techniques through its own blog on its website.

The Best Sources of Learning in Arabic SEO

SEO Process

1. Seo True

One of the first sites that talked about SEO and is now an important and powerful reference for all Arabs to learn SEO as they provide professional services to produce search results and also displays the latest news of SEO in Arabic.

2. SEO in Arabic

Who among us does not know SEO in Arabic for its well-known online marketer, Majid Atwi, who created this site with the aim of teaching and spreading SEO culture to everyone for free.

3. Professional SEO

Although this site relies completely on Blogger, it has achieved quite a few results in the SEO field and is also a strong reference for learning SEO.

4. Arabic SEO

How do we talk about learning sites and other SEO? Our aim is to fully translate all sources of global learning and provide SEO information completely free of charge in order to increase awareness of e-marketing in the world of search engines. Arabic video is completely dependent on large and well-known foreign sources such as MOZ, Backlinko, Neil Patel, and other foreign sources mentioned in this article.


Learning SEO is not a difficult thing and you can start from now by going to the SEO learning guide for beginners. It depends on how much you understand that information available to you and how much you accept the matter and do you really want to start and dive into the world of search engines or you just want to read this article and be satisfied with that information. Leave a comment on any site that you think might help others learn SEO and participate with us in spreading knowledge in the world for free.


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