Kariong Dental: Precautions To Ensure Health & Safety


.With the recent ongoing scenario in the world, Kariong Dental Care is considering infection control even more seriously, and taking additional precautions to ensure the health and safety of our staff has become our utmost priority.

We always keep ourselves updated with the Corona Virus news and make sure to follow all the required precautions recommended by the officials. Kariong Dental Clinic work in association with the Australian Dental Association. We take care of the standards regarding infection approved by AHPRA and are taking all the precautions to safeguard our clients and the team. Few additional precautions that we are taking include:

  • We only attend patients that are critical and only perform dental surgeries when they are super urgent.
  • We always make sure that Kariong Dental Clinic’s staff is updated with all the details and is taking necessary precautions.
  • All the patients must get their coronavirus test done before undergoing the treatment.
  • The whole clinic, including workplaces, benches, etc. are sanitized before and after every appointment.

Waiting Area Rules:

Apart from the above precautions, clients that visit the Kariong Dental Clinic have to abide by specific rules while they are in the waiting rooms, which include:

  • While clients visit the clinic for their appointment, they do not enter directly. They have to wait in their cars until they get a phone call from the reception to come in.
  • We record the temperature of both the client and our staff before starting any procedure.
  • Everyone must sanitize their hands as soon as any new client enters the clinic.
  • We make sure to rinse the mouth of all the clients with peroxide or ozonated water.
  • Travel history is recorded of all the patients when booking an appointment or confirming the visit.
  • Appointments are rescheduled for the clients who don’t feel well.

Your Problem Is Always Our Concern

Though we can’t make regular appointments due to this virus outbreak, Kariong Dental Clinic is always there to help you out, even if it is over a phone call. If you are searching for best Dentist Gosford, you are at the right place. We make sure to provide the best dental services to our clients and taking care of their health is out topmost priority. If you have any regular queries or anything related to dental care, do not hesitate to call us. Kariong team will be at your service. Tell us your dental history over the call or send us your previous X-rays, and we will guide you.

Follow Us

Kariong Dental Clinic always keep it’s social media updated with the latest information. Follow us now and we will appreciate and adore you to co-operate us during difficult times. If you have any ongoing dental issues or you want to know about the precautions that you can take to remain safe, give us a call, and we will be happy to serve you.


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