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How to Safely Jumpstart a Car – A Complete Guide


If your car battery is dead, you may be able to start again using the jumper cables. All you need is a vehicle that can provide a good source of power. Well, the list does not end here, the most important part of all the lists is, staying safe. Jump starting process can be dangerous if you proceed with the wrong approach. Also, make sure that the source vehicle’s battery is in a good state. As long as, you are aware of the connections through the cables, it doesn’t matter a lot whether your vehicle is in the positive or negative ground. So, let’s see how to jump start  car.

  • Jump Starting A Car Safely

The jump starting process can be done with the help of jumper cables. Getting on with the process is quite simple, but as earlier mentioned, you need to be more than safe to accomplish the mission. It has been noticed, every year lots of people get injured while trying to jump start their car. Also, the jump starting process is not that common in India. Therefore, most of the car owners are not aware of the process. Before connecting the cables with the batteries, make sure to read these guidelines carefully.

  • The source and would-be-jumped battery must be of the same voltage. Remember, most of the car batteries come with 12 volts. Also, take note of whether both the batteries are with the same polarity (having negative ground).
  • Park the cars close enough so that the cables can be connected but make sure they don’t touch each. This can lead to short and make the situation worse.
  • Turn off all the lights, electronic accessories, and ignition switch in both the cars before setting off with the car jumpstart process.
  • Bring the vehicles in a good parking position and keep them on neutral with the parking brake on.
  • Wear a safety glass.
  • Don’t even try to be a hero with cigarettes on. Sparks even near a dead battery can cause an explosion
  • If the dead battery is frozen, do not jump start it. This may also lead to an explosion. Determining a dead battery can be made easier if you consider checking the water inside the inspection cap. If the water is frozen it means you are left with a frozen battery. Also, one or more side will tend to bulge if the battery is frozen.
  • Identify the positive and negative terminals of both the batteries to connect the jumper cables. Make sure to have enough space so the cables can be connected. The positive terminal must be connected to the vehicle’s charging or starting system. You can determine the cable with a red color and a plus sign on it. The negative cable that is the black one, must be connected to the engine of the vehicle. The cable can be determined with a minus sign on it.
  • Things To Keep In Mind

Make sure not to attach negative cables with the negative terminal on the weak battery. This is a very common mistake and hence, leads to accidents. Moreover, this action leads to igniting hydrogen gas directly from the battery. The explosion of a battery can cause serious injury. Even if you have done this before, always use a metallic engine part when jumping a dead battery. 

Start the car with the help of the good car’s battery and leave it for charging for about 5 minutes. Now try to start the car with the jumped battery. If you experience the same thing (not starting or staying numb) consider switching off the ignitions of both the cars and clamp the cables again. Make sure that they have good contact. After the weak battery starts, wait for a couple of minutes so that it doesn’t stall again.

As a rule of thumb, contacting a professional team is a smarter choice. DIY’ers have experienced lots of complications when they tried to jump starting their car.

Contact Experts For Inspection Of The Vehicle And Jump Start

Even during the lockdown, many companies provided all essential services to the clients. There jump start service includes air pressure check, engine oil check, battery health check, brake check, oiling and greasing of essential parts, chain lubrication, and many more. After a complete check-up, you get your car in its best condition to run smoothly once again on the road.

Keep driving!


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