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How To Choose Content Marketing Topics That Will Rank Faster?

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Everyone is running in the same race of ranking your website as above as possible in search engines. This journey begins with choosing content for your website. Everyone knows that you need a well-written, engaging post with proper SEO to boost your rank. Now, you can find people who are experts in SEO or well-trained content writers for your website. But before you do that, do you have a proper plan as to which topics to choose for content marketing?

This is a mistake that the majority of websites owners make and end up stagnant, which demoralize them. Well, you don’t have to worry much as we are bringing a complete content marketing tutorial as to which topics to choose to rank your website faster.

  • Write What Your Audience Wants To Read: Imagine you have two topics in mind. For one, you have stellar content in mind, but it is a niche topic and won’t get much engagement. While for the other topic, you have average content, but more engagement is guaranteed. In such a case, you should always go with the second topic as more number of people are interested in reading about it. This will draw more people towards your website.
  • Think Of The Intent Before Writing The Topic: The journey of a successful content begins inside your head. The first task is to list the goals of your post. For example, is it a promotion article it has a different tone and format than a news update or an informative post. This way, you can subtly shift the mindset of the user rather than adding forceful promotion in the end. Another advantage of this is you can insert keywords according to your post goals. 
  • Add Balanced Keywords: A lot of people don’t add competitive keywords in their posts in a bid to become different from the existing website. This seems like a logical move; however, there is one downside to it. It takes you a long time to grow from a niche content specialist to a massive crowd. That is why you add both competitive and niche keywords in your content to attract viewers from the whole spectrum. This will help you grow, even though you are writing a very niche topic.
  • Add More Than Just Words To Your Post: People get bored while reading without any pictures. This holds true even for a twitter post where people are more likely to focus on the picture than just a tweet. You can use this to your advantage by adding relevant pictures, GIFs, video links, and much more to make your post interesting. Plus, it is more than just words; people are more likely to share your website link that before. However, remember not to use copyright images as the post can be taken down.
  • Each Platform Requires Different Content: A lot of people create different social media handles. Then post a variation of the same post on each social media. When they don’t get any engagement, they declare the social media platform to be rigged and unhelpful. This is a very common mistake, but it is very easy to get out of this track, instead of posting on all social media at once. Start with the ones you are familiar with and then add new platforms each week. Plus, make some changes to it to your post to actually increase engagement.

So, these are some of the things you need to take into considerations while choosing your content marketing topics. If you follow these tips, your website will gradually rank faster with each passing day. 


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