React Js vs Angular Js

How is React JS Different from Angular JS?


What is React JS?

React JS is a highly efficient yet flexible JavaScript library to develop a better user interface.

React JS is an open-source platform that one can access easily. With React JS, you can easily get a component-based front-end library with a multi-layered application. Facebook solely regulates React JS. It is considered to be the declarative paradigm which makes it so much efficient. React has the ability to efficiently update and render the most suitable component when your data is under update. You can make your code more predictable with easy to debug with the declarative view of React JS.

What is Angular JS?

Angular JS is another open-source JavaScript framework developed and maintained by Google for creating a web application.

Front-end developers use this framework to represent or change the data efficacy level.

Google has updated Angular, which is more efficient compared to its first version. Its core function is highly advanced with lots of essential features. Therefore, it has become faster and smoother compared to the older version. It gives developers the opportunity to create a scaffold for the dedicated Angular Project.

Important Features of React

  • Let’s talk about the features of React JS:
  • Evaluation or scalability: It is suitable for large-scale applications as it has good structure and evaluation power.
  • Enriched JavaScript Library: You can access it from anywhere throughout the world by just placing an extension to add a greater number of features
  • Reusability of code: It allows you to reuse the code element of multiple levels while working with multiple projects
  • Allow users to access 3rd-party libraries, save lots of time
  • A very simple open-source platform that is specially composable
  • Get 360-degree support from Facebook
  • Offer better user experience with super-fast performance
  • Give Code stability with single-directional data binding

Important Features of Angular

  • Easily accessible with ARIA-based components
  • It holds multiple templates to make The UI views in a superfast manner by offering and dedicating some syntax.
  • In testing, they break a particular project into several segments that make the overall testing process.
  • Offer in-built support system for HTTP, AJAX, etc
  • It gets large community support
  • Prove clean and crisp coding
  • Effortlessly shrink with the latest technologies
  • Good efficiency with TypeScript
  • Provide smooth updates with Angular CLI
  • Get UI/business log separation

When to Choose React?

  • React framework is a good choice for application development
  • When you develop an application for multiple events,
  • When you have expertise in CSS, HTML, and JavaScript
  • When you need to create sharable elements in your application development project

When to Choose Angular?

  • When you’re looking for a ready-to-use solution with high-value productivity
  • When you’re looking for a large-scale feature-rich app
  • When the whole development team have extreme knowledge of Java, C#, and advanced version of angular
  • The complexity of the application remains at its low to medium level

React JS VS Angular JS: A comprehensive Comparison

Apparently, both React JS and Angular JS seem similar, but they have lots of significant differences.

In this section, we will talk about the contrast we get:

Used As:

React.JS is a JavaScript library and updates only the virtual updates present in it, and the data flow is not in unidirectional but a single direction. It is a very good JavaScript library that indicates react JS updates. Virtual DOM is only available, and the data flows in a single direction, not in uni-direction


React.JS is developed in a very simplified manner, and it follows Model View Control. React JS has these features, including navigation, but this can be accessed with specific libraries like Redux and Flux. Therefore, you need a more advanced configuration along with integration.

On the other hand, the architecture of Angular is complex. It follows the Model View-View Model (MVVM), which includes plenty numbers of tools and other essential features needed to establish navigation, routine, and other important functionality.


React. JS comes up with JSX as the application of HTML codes and syntax is empowered. However, it does not offer to react JS with a Subset of HTML. React. jS is completely JavaScript-based

, Whereas Angular JS provides the Sunset of HTML as well.


You have to write React.js in JavaScript in Microsoft’s Typescript language, which is the superset of ES 6 or ECMA Script 6.

Dependency injection concept

React.JS doesn’t follow the Dependency Injection Concept, whereas Angular JS follows the Dependency injection concept.

What are the Advantages of React?

  • Ensured support for server-side rendering and formed a strong framework for content-oriented applications
  • Reduces the difference between different versions of React
  • Completely regulated by Facebook, which offers “codmod” to automate the advanced process
  • You can implement the skills of React in Native development
  • When you assimilate it with ES6 or ES7, React JS is best to manage heavy loads in serious cases.

What are the Advantages of Angular?

The advantages of using Angular:

  • It offers clean and easy code development with good performance
  • Entirely designed like an interface
  • Seamless Update with Angular CLI.

If you asked which one is better, then both React and Angular JS are good at their own place. But now many react js development company prefers to choose the first option rather than the second.


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