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How CoViD 19 Will Change Your Marketing Strategy

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Life is unpredictable, and the CoViD 19 – pandemic just proved that to everyone. In just a matter of weeks, the majority of people around the world are stuck inside their homes with nowhere to go. With no immediate vaccine in sight, there is no telling when the situation will go back to normal.

This has certainly brought unexpected changes in the corporate world. Work from home, online meetings are just a few that everyone is getting used to. However, a lot of brands and businesses are struggling to change their marketing strategy to adapt to the ongoing situation. This has affected their sales and putting them under even more intense pressure to deliver.

So, what has changed in the past few months?

People are stuck at home, and the only thing they are living on is essentials, they are not spending even an extra dime on anything they don’t need. This has also shown how fragile our world is, and, in a way, this lockdown has affected people’s viewpoint on money. A lot of people will want to travel and spend as much of their money as they don’t know what will happen in the future while the other portion would be inclined to save for such severe situations.

Both of these situations are not ideal from a business standpoint of view as the business runs on people’s demand for something new. If that hunger dies out, many businesses will eventually go bankrupt if they don’t adjust.

What Are The Things That Will Shape Marketing Strategy?

  1. Adhere To Customers Sentiment: Even before the Coronavirus pandemic, customer’s trust in government and businesses was declining. With this lockdown and rise of nature in cities has acted as the final nail in their coffin. The only way back is to regain the trust of the masses. There are several ways to do so.
  2. Eco-friendly: It is near impossible to imagine a future where the government will pass strict eco-friendly laws on industries. However, as a brand, if you are able to project yourself as an eco-friendly brand into the minds of the public. People will think of you as a good guy, and it will increase your user base.
  3. Listen To Your Customers: Now that people are used to living with only essential things in life. As a marketer, it is your job to pull them back to their normal self. One of the efficient ways is to listen to your customers. They might be facing any issues or difficulties with your product or services. If you listen to them and make those changes, you will see customers coming back to you slowly and steadily.
  4. Change Your Marketing Strategy From Bottom to Top: Normally, in the corporate sector, high ranking officials decide on the marketing strategy, and then it is executed by people on the lower levels. However, the experience gap between the high earning employees and the customers is so wide that it is near impossible for them to find ways to reconnect.

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However, the salesman who talks to each consumer would have a better idea of how to market the brand. Then all the ideas are refined as they go from bottom to top. This way, the high-ranking employees just have to choose the most feasible one.

  1. Care About Your Employees: Earlier businesses didn’t have to worry much about their employees much other than providing employment. This has been highlighted during the lockdown where employees have been laid off or haven’t been paid for their work. This further erodes the brand’s image, and one of the ways to improve it is by projecting a better work culture among the companies for low-level employees. This is because people would love to see companies care about their employees.
  2. Online Events: There is no telling when the government would give permission to large gatherings. This means that businesses won’t be able to promote their new product or service in traditional ways. They need to engage in online live events. These online events are never easy to control or direct. Hence, as a marketer, you would need to adapt to these changes and find new and interesting ways to organize online live events.
  3. Excelling in Content Marketing: The majority of the business already shifted their major focus from offline marketing to online marketing. However, in the current time, not a lot of sales are possible. However, this trend won’t stop even after the lockdown ends. As more people would be inclined to stay at home until they are a hundred percent sure. Hence, it is vital that you excel in Content Marketing. Some of the innovative ways are through podcasts, YouTube Collaboration, advertisement in local social media platforms, and more.
  4. Ramp Up Your Digital Service: As mentioned before, people would be inclined to stay in their homes until a vaccine is created. Hence, it would be very smart of businesses to broadcast their digital services like adding more online payment options, shifting offline tasks online for efficiency. All of these might look like an unnecessary task but tempt people to use your service. You can market these changes as your contribution to making your customer safe and secure.


A lot will change due to this CoViD 19 pandemic, and many of these changes are here to stay for the long run. So, it is only wise to change your marketing strategy before the market replaces you with someone else.


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