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Bridging The Digital Gap In Education


The educational sector of the country is facing a tough time in this pandemic situation. All the schools, institutions and colleges were locked down as soon as this pandemic entered our country. The government suggested all the schools, colleges and universities adopt online teaching mode. This will bridge the gap and students will be learning from the safety of their home. Though this initiative only helped schools who have sufficient resources.

International, Public and convent schools found it convenient to shift to online teaching mode. Since these schools have good resources, their students have the facility of smartphones and have access to good internet connections. The whole concept of virtual teaching worked fine for them. These top rated schools gave their teachers prior training to teach the students via online mode. Teachers and students both are getting their share of work done efficiently.

On the other hand, we cannot deny the truth of India being a digitally challenged country. Not all people and schools have access to these resources. Especially Government schools and low budget private schools find it difficult to work on the virtual teaching model suggested by the centre and state government because of their limited resources. Students of these schools don’t have access to smartphones and tabs with a stable internet connection which makes online learning next to implausible for them.

To curb this practice government and schools authorities have come up with #gharpeschool model. All the CBSE schools have to design their curriculum according to the present situation. Those schools who are financially equipped will be giving online classes while those who are not will be coming up with Whatsapp groups.

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The central government and the state government are trying to find an alternative to limit the digital gap in the backward areas of the country. They suggested creating WhatsApp groups on mobile phones in every area for every class. There they should give a to-do list to their students. At the end of the day, they should regulate what the student has done in the entire day. This one to one conversation between the teacher and student will help them to know better. Parents are involved too in this initiative. According to a report parents have interacted with teachers even more than they did in normal situations. Students logins in their WhatsApp group early in the morning to know their day plan. Accordingly, they decide which lesson to learn and read.

Though as a country we are still lacking in some of the areas in providing quality education. But a larger proportion of the students are benefiting from these initiatives. Still, a lot needs to be done because some people are still not aware of the lack of education their child is facing. At the same time, the government needs to plan things very strategically. As a responsible country, we should ensure the larger good by giving quality education to all the children of the nation.


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