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Best Reasons For Group Travelling


For a lot of wily travelers, the idea of traveling in a group tour is the ultimate no, no. Group travelling is seen as selling out the independence of the travel experience and letting yourself be led around by the nose. This blog is going to explore many of the positives that can come from partaking in group, organized travel. Maybe the travel experience can be expanded by traveling with a small group of like-minded people.

Group travelling is often looked down upon by travelers as a cop-out and a way to remove personal agency from travel. It doesn’t have to be that way though as sometimes a really authentic, and perhaps more authentic experience, can be taken from traveling in a group. Group travel provides the opportunity to go to places that may be too dangerous to do alone. It also gives you the chances to cut down on costs by purchasing things in bulk. More reasons to do group travelling include.

Gaining Valuable Local Knowledge

Many of us want to believe that by reading our planet then walking around historic sites will give the full experience. This is not even close though! A guide who knows the stories, history, and cultural traditions surrounding will deeply enrich the experience of being there. In many circumstances, having a guide lead a group can take being in a foreign locale from ticking off a box saying you have been there to an interactive cultural experience.

Maximizing Your Travel Time

When you are on a tour led by a professional tour company you will see as much as possible without wasted effort or impossible to achieve itineraries. A lot of travel time is crafting where to go next, where to stay, where to eat… while on a tour these variables are remove. It becomes just about soaking in the experience and getting to know the people in your travel group better.

Saving Money

Though traveling independently does give the chance to cut corners in terms of eating – or not eating at all – and accommodations it may actually be more costly in the end then traveling in a group. The reason being is that group travel allows things to be purchased in bulk, thus reducing the price to the individual. You don’t have to be Adam Smith to see that perhaps people selling meals, hotel rooms, and train tickets would be persuaded to sell each unit cheaper if ten were bought at once.

Sharing The Experience

One of the drawbacks of independent travel is getting to one of the great wonders of the world – say to the Angkor Wat in Cambodia – and basking in it, but not having anyone to experience it with. Many say, and rightfully so, that this can be one of the traveler’s most lonely moments. Traveling in a group alleviates this as there are people there to soak at the moment with; people that you will be able to relive it with later. This is definitely an element that makes world travel worthwhile.

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A Chance To Relax

Organizing independent travel can be difficult in the sense that you will have to control all variables – known and unknown. You will have to arrange all transport, food, and accommodations and arrange the proper visas you will need. You will need to develop an itinerary of things to do on the trip as well. If you partake in group travel it will mean that all these burdens will be arranged for you and you will just be able to relax and focus on enjoying your time away. I’m sure there has been a time when you went on a trip and someone else organized pretty much everything, you just came in and enjoyed yourself. That is what group travel will be but on a larger scale.

Chance To Visit More Remote & Difficult Destinations

There are places in the world that do not connect well to individual travel because of their dangers. Traveling to the base camp of Mount Everest, visiting war-torn Syria, and going to heavily Islamic countries as a female presents dangers that could be greatly reduced by professional guidance. If you have a hunger to visit some of the world’s most dangerous locations it is definitely not only recommended but in some ways an obligation for your personal safety to travel in a group with a leader. There is safety in numbers as well if protocols of personal etiquette in foreign countries are breached. Visit Delta Airlines Reservations to get the best discounted flights around the world.

Making New Life Long Friends

The reality is that enjoying unique experiences, many of which can be found in travel, will really connect people together. Whether 1, 5, or 10 years, you will be able to reconnect with the people that you trekked together. You get together will become cemented as life long friends as you have unique experiences together.


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