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Apartment Maintenance Job in Denver – Prospect, Salary and Future

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In recent years, Denver is successful in having very low unemployment throughout the city. For every sector, there are plenty of jobs available that offer enormous benefits. That is why it is not difficult to find the appropriate job that meets all of your demands. 

The Denver apartments require people for the maintenance job in huge numbers. People are needed to work in different aspects of apartment maintenance and are guaranteed to receive multiple benefits and satisfying salaries. To buckle up the whole scenario, we have organized few apartment maintenance jobs in the following that may prove pivotal in changing your life.

Regional Maintenance Director

The work of a regional maintenance director is to assist property managers and business managers with various contract specifications. They are responsible for conducting the inspections of a property and provide estimated costs on the land. In each community, they have to implement a preventive maintenance program. Also, a team of service technicians will work under the leadership of the regional maintenance director.

A regional maintenance director in Denver can make an average of $75,000 per year. Different companies tend to offer different benefits amongst which the common ones include vision, dental, and health insurance, along with the presence of multiple opportunities for career development and advancement.

Maintenance Manager

With great power comes great responsibilities, and which is why, as a manager, you will be responsible for multiple assignments. The working order and the appearance of the facilities, property structures, and all the systems in individual apartments are carried out under your supervision. Extra skills are required for this job because you never know what kind of role will be assigned to you, even you may be asked to work for welding and fabrication.

For future development, the maintenance managers receive in-house training sessions and bonus programs to gain more experience. The estimated salary is about $50,000 to $100,000 annually. Benefits include vacation time, choice of dental and medical plans, and gateways to significant discounts and shared commissions.

Service Supervisor

A service supervisor is assigned to observe and perform mechanical and technical tasks in both the external and internal aspects of the community. This includes overseeing buildings, grounds, amenities, and common areas of the community. You will be responsible for ensuring the appearance, functionality, cleanliness, and safety of all the given sectors.

In recent statistics, it has been observed that a service supervisor receives an average of $60,000 per year. The benefits package offered by different companies includes vision, dental, health, and life insurance. They also grant paid holiday, vacation time, and sick leave. Legal resources will be provided for the development of the supervisors.

Leasing Professional

If you desire to get a job as a leasing professional, then you need to be aware of some responsibilities. Responsibilities start from coordinating the community’s leasing, marketing, and renewal strategies to acquire occupancy and resident retention goals by conducting activities related to providing resident satisfaction.

This job differs from property to property with which the benefits and salary also differ. However, general estimation of the salary of the leasing professionals in Denver is considered to be $31000 to $43000 a year. Many communities prefer paid vacations and allow sick leave.

Sales Consultant

A sales consultant is responsible for gathering potential customers and for assisting them in understanding the properties and apartments. They also need to manage data and hold records of customer interactions to improve the sales technique and propose different marketing strategies. Conducting property tours and showing apartment homes to clients is the primary job of the sales consultant.

With varying salaries all around Denver, the average estimation is about $56000 to $81000 annually. Because of different commissions, the salary always goes up and down. Benefits also vary with employment type and industry. Some provide health benefits and retirement packages.


The job market for apartment maintenance in Denver is enormous, covering significant sectors that may meet your demands and requirements. Living in Denver is not an inexpensive experience which is why you need to choose the appropriate career. Apartment maintenance job is one of them that will cover all your living expenses and give you a comfortable life.


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