7 Radiant Flowers To Make Your Summers Glowy


Summers are here and with it has come the time for the radiant flowers to bloom in your gardens. Flowers have been the most important things in summers to freshen up your eyes and soothe them. They not just heal you externally but also help you create strong bonds with your loved ones. It is because flowers have been the most integral medium of conveying feelings to your family and friends.

For ages, people have been following the trends of gifting flowers to their loved ones. These days people are also practising sending flowers online to their loved ones for expressing our happiness on special occasions. So, let us go through a list of some flowers which are surely going to make your summers glowy and brighten your days.


You will most definitely see this purple flower in almost all the gardens and parks since it is one of the most favourite flowers of the garden. But sometimes you will find the same flower in pink and white colour also. This delicate flower can tolerate the sun, and add a very soft and calm touch to any garden. Expect these flowers to be enjoyed from spring throughout the fall.

Blanket Flower:

These bright and gloomy flowers are yellow-tipped red petals that make it very easy to get differentiated from others. You can add these blanket flowers to your garden, bouquets, and summer-themed containers which will have a great choice.


Zinnia is the most popular and cheapest way to add colours in your garden in only a few weeks. These flowers are so bright and aromatic that they have a lot of tendencies to attract insects in your garden. Zinnia is one of the most adorable flowers which you will surely fall in love with.


It is difficult to get a more pleasant bloom than the traditional Marigold. They are a necessity for your summer garden and are available in vivid, warm yellows and oranges. Marigolds need a lot of sunlight and very little care. You can send flowers to indore to your loved ones to wish them on special days.

Purple Coneflower:

This beautiful flower grows exceptionally fast, and your garden can attract birds and butterflies. Also, the coneflower grows fast, and hence you can also give it some space to expand. This flower is going to be the most beautiful thing which you will get to your home this summer.

Globe Amaranth:

Globe Amaranth is also one of the favourite summers which have pom-poms like orange, red, and white flowers into late fall. This plant is not finicky and does well in a range of soil and moisture levels, so it’s good to plant and let it grow.


These flowers are also called houseplants and are in the form of summer beds. Begonia is very well known for their patterned, variegated, and foliage nature. They are on the smaller side and are present in a bunch. They are toxic to pets, so make sure that your animals are away from them. But their beauty will surely mesmerize you and your loved one who will receive it.

Black-eyed Susan:

The black-eyed Susan flower is one of the most common wildflowers and will stay a welcoming sight to every garden. Such healthy, golden flowers flourish in the sunlight and get along out there with just about every other flora. They make excellent cut flowers, too, and they will enliven any bouquet.


The low-maintenance flowers come in a variety of colours, including crimson, orange, yellow, violet, and purple. They will grow all season long and are resistant to severe drought, which makes them the typical summer bloom to make your gardens shine.

These were some of the most beautiful flowers which you can surely get for yourself. From planning to sending flowers to gurgaon to your darling who lives away from you to get your mom a bouquet; everything is just as beautiful as possible. You can get these and grow them in your garden this summer to make your place look beautiful. They will undoubtedly leave no stone unturned to make your garden look heavenly.


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