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Money and bank balance are necessary nowadays. The modern times have brought along a lot of conveniences for humankind. We are living more comfortable lives than any of our previous generations. However, these conveniences come at a cost. A cost that is financial and is too exorbitant for many of us.

The level of inflation we are experiencing is not something that was witnessed in earlier times. Combating the same is a constant battle for all of us.

The way to do so, however, is the same. To overcome the money worries and to increase the bank balance, people often try to find ways to make money. Since that is the only way not to be drowned by debt, it is wise enough.

My intention is also of helping you in this Endeavour. So, here are 7 ways you can earn money, avoid bad credit personal loans and make yourself a small fortune by the time you retire.


Most of us feel stuck in our jobs. We have had it for years, and we have become comfortable in it, even though it way below our caliber and qualifications. There is no shortage of job opportunities for people who are competent enough.

So, start looking for the job that will make you earn far more than the present one is and help you to increase your bank balance. However, only give your notice, once you are sure and have a job lined up.


The business world is the most advanced in terms of income. So, opening one is always beneficial. Uber is one great example of side business, wherein;

    • People buy a new car; 
    • Get it registered with Uber; 
    • Hire a competent driver with experience; 
    • And start earning a hefty paycheck even after paying for the car instalment, gas and driver’s salary.

If you think you can juggle between your primary income and secondary one, without compromising on any, only then opt for this.

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Some of us are experts in our fields, yet we fall short on our paycheck. Another way to avoid that is to start capitalising the skills and knowledge you have accumulated throughout the years.

There are a few ways you can this.

  • Webinars, which is an online seminar, are very popular in the present. Their popularity and the count of speakers have a vast difference amongst them. All you need to do is try to fill that gap with your expertise.
  • For the less experienced ones, tutoring and online classes are a good option. College students can do these as well as high schoolers. Language teaching is the most lucrative aspect of online coaching. The number of learners is unlimited just for English, and there are so many other languages as well.


Almost all of us are free on the weekends. Saturdays and Sundays are meant for rest and recuperation, but for the money maker, they equate to extra cash. 

The best part about working at the weekends is there isn’t much competition because people do not prefer working on these days. So, finding a weekend job is as easy as finding a McDonald’s.

  • Being a bouncer at a club or a bar can pay you really well.
  • Being a weekend secretary or personal assistant.
  • Being a valet or a waiter at a restaurant on the weekends accompanies a paycheck and essential tips.


If you do not want to take up loans for unemployed, then starting a YouTube channel is a good option. I prefer this medium of income because it only two things from you;

  • a working camera that can record good quality videos; 
  • And flair creativity with a pinch of confidence.

With these two, you can build a reputation and a wealth status that you may not need any other job. Shane Dawson, Nikkie Tutorials, DanTDM, Harry Lewis and I Covet Thee are a few names that would prove my point. These are people with a follower count in a million and a weekly income in thousands and thousands of pounds, if not more.


People have a habit of collecting too much and not throwing away anything. This is all fine until the issue of storage scarcity arises. Only then do people realise that they have a problem and it needs a solution.

Now decluttering and organising all of the mess by oneself is a daunting task that nobody would willingly undertake. However, if you can get paid for it, then I do not think you need any other motivation.

  • You must know about storage units to become a good organiser. 
  • Visit Ikea once, look at their most selling Alex drawers amongst the other options.
  • Watch a few organising videos on YouTube.
  • Then all you would need is to list yourself on Craigslist as an organizer, and you would start receiving calls soon enough.


I wanted to include one that would be aimed at the adolescent section of our society, and that is baby-sitting. Parents, especially the newer ones, need a reprieve from their child or children. Because they cannot leave their child all alone, they need somebody trustworthy to help them get some time for themselves.

A baby- sitter helps them out of this conundrum and look after their children until they get back for a price. I pay my 14-year-old babysitter 20 pounds an hour only because I love how she can make my fussy 2-year-old calm down in two minutes flat.

I hope these were helpful, and you raise your income levels and bank balance much more than earlier.

Open Your Business

Open a education franchise in India to become a rich person in no time. This is a pro time but it needs a lot of efforts and money to purchase a franchise. Eventually, you will get a good result in no time.


Making money is only tricky if you think it is. Our world is filled with an enormous number of earning opportunities that are waiting for you to grab them. The above ones are few of them to increase the bank balance. HAPPY EARNING!


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