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6 Top-Rated Restaurants In Laoag That Offer Appetizing Food


Besides UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites and National Historic Landmarks, the one thing that Laoag is famous for, is the Ilocos Norte cuisine, whose culinary tradition is highly influential in the archipelago of the Philippines. Laoag, as the capital city of Ilocos Norte province, is one of the best places to sample the Ilocano cuisine. 

Filipinos are said to be foodies! They adore food and this is evident in their culture of celebrating food festivals like Dulang Food Festival and Pinakbet Festival. When you are in a country whose culinary aspect is much talked about, it is natural that you feel hunger pangs too often!  Wondering where to eat in Laoag City?

Here are the best places to taste the traditional dishes as well as other Japanese and Chinese varieties.

La Preciosa

One restaurant in Laoag City recommended by almost every local is ‘La Preciosa’ on Rizal Street. Famous for traditional Ilocano recipes like Longganisa (a sausage seasoned with local garlic), Pinakbet (vegetable stew), Bagnet (pork cracklings), and Poqui-Poqui (a dish made with eggplant, tomatoes, and eggs), this decades-old restaurant is the best place to eat non-vegetarian dishes.

The bestseller is Carrot cake, not too sweet but delicious enough to come back for! You can save more money on your frequent bookings with iEagle!

Saramsam Ylocano

Close to La Preciosa lies another restaurant called Saramsam Ylocano, a treat for pizza-lovers. You can satiate all your pizza cravings here. “Saramsam,” an Ilocano word meaning ‘informal and constant dining’ is truly an ideal place to catch up with friends over good food! Apart from authentic Ilocano tastes, the chefs here are experts at cooking unconventional dishes by fusing Western and traditional fares.

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The must-try varieties in pizza are longganisa pizza, pinakbet pizza, Poque Poque Pizza, and Dinuguan Pizza. The affordable prices of recipes, attractive interiors draw many tourists to this restaurant in Laoag City and the dining experience leaves you satisfied! 

Eagle’s Nest Restaurant

Imagine relishing home-cooked food in a somewhat hut-like cabin while a singing group serenades you. If you prefer such dining, immediately head to Eagle’s Nest Restaurant, the in-house restaurant of Java Hotel. The restaurant whose rustic ambiance, wooden furniture, hospitable staff, and the native food is loved by natives and tourists alike. It has garnered a good reputation as one of the best places to eat in Laoag.

In addition to the native dishes, it also offers Japanese and American cuisine. While steak is the traditional bestseller dish, Sushi is the most-liked foreign delicacy at this restaurant.

Red 8 Asian Restaurant

Red 8 Asian Restaurant in Fort Ilocandia is a Chinese restaurant in Laoag city, specializing in Cantonese and Asian cuisine. If your craving Chinese food or seafood causes you to deflect from Filipino cuisine for a while, then this is the best place to eat Chinese food.

Patrons rush to this restaurant to gobble down the tasty noodles, Dimsum, roasted duck, and other delectable seafood varieties. The restaurant is often crowded, not just because of its tasty food and good service, but also because it is one of the very few Chinese restaurants found in Laoag. 

Good Vibes Café

Rely on the name of this café, for a meal at this café in Laoag is sure to please you and spread good vibes in you. From vegetarian salads, sandwiches, Spanish pasta, to refreshments like milkshakes, iced/hot coffee, and desserts, every item on the menu is a palatable delight!  

Johnny Moon Café

Laoag city is as famous for its eclectic interiors as it is for its extensive menu and reasonable prices. Everything associated with the café is designed to pay homage to Juan Luna, the Philippine hero and national artist. You’ll find bright murals on the walls and waiters with mustaches; it’s not wrong to say that this is a Juan Luna-themed café.

It is the best place to eat Ilocano food like Dinuguan, Bagnet sandwich, Empanada, pasta, pastries, and of course coffee!


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