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6 Basic Steps To Develop An Android App


In today’s world the decision to create your own android app is one of the wisest decisions that you will ever make. But the question you want to ask yourself is what is it that you are trying to accomplish by creating this android app because you need to have a clear idea about why you want to create something. 

According to an app development company in California, money should be the furthest thing from your mind when you are making a decision to develop a mobile app. You need to have passion for application development because money is what follows you after you get successful in this industry. And this is how it is in every industry. You start up from scratch and you work for a cause, money follows when you achieve your goals and objectives.

Steps for Developing an App:

  • Understand your users: You are creating your android app for your users therefore understanding your users and what they require from a mobile app is something that you need to know before you even start working on coming up with an idea. By understanding your market you will have a little idea about the playing field. It will make you understand the mindset of the average user and what they like or dislike in a mobile app. Information like this will give benefit you later on.
  • Search for a problem: This is also one of the basic things you need to do. Once you understand your average user then you need to find out what can make their lives better. What problems they face in their daily lives that you can address and solve through your mobile app that will compel them to use you mobile app.
  • Choosing the features & Coming up with a basic app design: When you know about the problems of your users and you also have the idea about the app that will solve their problem then it is better to list down the number of features on a piece of paper. In fact it is better that you design a basic layout of your app. You should make sure that your app’s user interface is very simple and user friendly.  
  • Choosing the OS: Before you decide you start the coding you need to understand that it is better to target the masses. And since android OS is something that most of the people in this world are using therefore the choice of targeting android OS users will allow you to have a larger user base or target audience.
  • Coding: This is the step you actually start for the app development process and code the app. This is the step where you decide the language you will use.
  • Check for bugs and launch: Once you are done with the coding then that means that your mobile or android app is ready. Now, the most important step is here. You now need to check your android app for any bugs or errors. It is always a good idea to have a group of friends and family use your app and give you feedback about any possible problems that it might have so that you can eliminate the problems before you launch the app on google play store. 



Learning to develop your first android app can always be a tricky thing to understand but the steps provided above can make your task much easier as a developer. There always new things that you can learn as you gain more experience in the field. Good Luck with the making of your first android app!


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