5 Ways To Stay Positive At Home During This Lockdown 2020


As we know the whole country is suffering from a deadly virus known as Coronavirus and the lockdown has been implemented on most of the countries from the past few days/months. Due to the unavailability of the vaccine of this virus the government of the countries has decided to lockdown the country so that this virus doesn’t get spread on a large extent. Due to lockdown, people have been quarantined at home to save themselves from this virus and surely this has affected the people both positively and negatively.

What is Lockdown Situation?

Lockdown is an emergency situation which is being initiated by the person in higher authority and is implemented when there is a strong chance of community spread and to keep yourself in isolation.

To remain positive in such a negative and scary situation, following are some points that will keep you motivated:


Keeping yourself fit should be the goal of each individual. Due to lockdown, it is the best way to start your exercise regime which you were not able to do before. Exercising 30mins -1hr each day helps you in keeping you fit both mentally as well as physically. It will create the habit of daily exercising.


Everyone loves food and when it gets cooked at home then the taste surely increases. Those who have the hobby as cooking, it is the best time to display your hobby. Healthy food will also help in boosting up your immune system. Cooking various delicious dishes will motivate you to cook daily and who knows when it can become a professional career also. Keep cooking and serving.

Reading Books/Novels

As we all know, ‘A book is the best friend’. Reading should be the habit of everyone, no matter what you read. Take out your books and start reading and motivate others also to read the books on daily basis. It will inspire you, teach you something new, old learning gets revived, gives you solution for your daily problems etc.. So keep reading and sharing your thoughts.

De-clutter Your Home

There’s no better time to de-clutter your home. Being quarantined, you must be thinking of what to do, how to spend your precious time etc. De-cluttering your home is the best way to keep yourself positive and making your home filled with positivity. Just take out your old stuff and make some space for fresh air. So what to wait ? Take this lockdown as an opportunity and start de-cluttering.

Stay Connected

Loneliness can be danger in this lockdown situation. Don’t isolate yourself completely. Get yourself connected with your loved ones. As we can’t meet our loved ones physically, but we have other options that will help you to stay connected. Using various social media platforms, video calls, messaging apps and other such digital platforms will help you out in staying connected during this lockdown period.

So guys these are some important ways that will help you out in staying positive in such a critical situation. Hope these ways will help you out!

Stay Healthy, Stay Safe & Stay Home.


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