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5 Tips For Writing Engaging Content

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The content is a key part of the inbound strategy : creating interesting content to attract our audience and convert those visitors into leads. Asking yourself these five questions and reflecting on their answers before you start producing it can help you create exceptional content. 

Is Your Content Easy To Find?

The content you create must be based on keywords. These should define the topic you are going to write about and will be the one that your prospects use to find you. That is why it is so important to identify them as they will take your content to your potential clients.

To find your keywords, the first thing you should do is to pay attention to your buyer persona: their interests and concerns. What they need and how they look for it. Also check what your competitors are performing as it can help you find your own keywords.

Is It Easily Readable?

The ‘look’ of the content is important. If your prospect comes across a long and cumbersome text, it is likely that the reader will not start reading it or that page will be leaved quickly.. Write short paragraphs and visually separate them. Use separate bullets or sections. It also incorporates images and photographs that make the text lighter and easier to read.

Is It Well Understood?

To choose a topic to write about, it is important to know your buyer persona and to know at what stage of your buyer’s journey you want to impact and adjust our content to that journey. It is possible that the topic we want to talk about is complex or uses specific terminology, in this case, we must explain the meaning of those terms and make the text clear to our buyer persona.

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We also have to take into account the format we use. There is no ideal format for each content but there are many different ways that we can use to present our information, beyond the classic text with photos: graphics and infographics, audios, videos etc.

Can It Be Easily Shared?

Getting your content distribute and reach potential customers is as important as creating it. In addition to spending time yourself on its distribution, make it easier for your readers to do it too. It includes buttons for sharing on social networks and adapting your content to the format of the network in which you publish it.

Also keep in mind that for a content to get more diffusion, it must be interesting and should add value. It will encourage your readers to share it.

Does It Invite Action?

If content invites action, you can get more out of it. In addition to facilitating sharing, there are many other ways to invite your prospects to action. You can include a call to action. The call to action is the first step in the conversion process. It consists of a button or link that seeks to attract visitors to convert them into leads and, when used well, you can make the most of it.

You can also invite the action by including your text links to other relevant content, whether yours or a third party. By including internal links to other posts on your blog, you are helping to promote your content. For expert help, you can get in touch with the best content writing services as well.


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