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5 Different Types Of Backlinks You Need To Have For A Good SEO


Backlinks have an incredible place in SEO. They are responsible for generating higher ranks and more online visibility of a website. Guys, if you are planning to avoid backlinks, we would suggest don’t!

Backlinks are very much important to bolster the online reputation of a site and its search engine rankings. But how? 

Three key factors determine whether the backlinks are effective or not.

  1. The quality and authority of the site you are linked to.
  2. Whether the site contains ‘do follow’ links.
  3. Where exactly the link is situated on the site.

Evaluating these factors and optimizing the links, you can earn a good SEO for your site. 

Here we have spoken about 5 different types of backlinks that contribute a lot in SEO. Learn about them and follow to get the best results.

5 Types of Backlinks That Are Good for SEO

  1. Editorial Backlinks: Editorial backlinks are the most valuable links to the site. To get an ideal backlink from your editorial site, mention your brand name and place the link within the relevant, high-quality content. The content can be either an article or an infographic.
    Editorial backlinks are referred to as the links that use your own content as a source of information. Create evergreen content that carries your brand image and brand information and includes a link within it. This encourages the viewers to navigate your site and have a high chance to convert them into potential customers.    
  2. Guest Blogging Backlinks: Guest blogging sites are highly rated for generating quality backlinks. Just like the editorial backlinks, guest blogging sites also add links to the sites.

    Google looks for content that is relevant, keyword-specific, and related to the brand. If you succeed in building a good relationship with the website, it will take no time to turn the site as a good resource for your backlink.

    Take some time but don’t use poor sites to build your links.   
  3. Acknowledgment Backlinks: Often you have come across sites publishing acknowledgments. Have you? This occurs whenever a brand makes any donation, or sponsoring an event, or has a representative speaking.

    With SEO strategies, you can figure out the sites that your competitors generally use to earn backlinks and take leverage of it. Get some acknowledgments along with healthy backlinks to make your website performance better.  
  4. Business Profile Backlinks: You must have listed your business name in online directories and other business listing sites. The business listing enables Google and other search engines to crawl your website and index your page so that your brand name appears on the local search results. This is the initial step taken to turn your business online.

    However, to build a strong online presence, the business needs to be listed on social sites, review sites, and forum sites as well. The moment you create digital profiles on these sites, you are a step ahead to earn healthy backlinks from your business profile.

    The more you create business profiles, the more you get the opportunity to earn backlinks. Isn’t this a great leverage?  
  5. Webinars Backlinks: Do you know webinars also contain a good piece of content to link other sites? That’s amazing indeed! Webinars published in other sites often include the website link along with the brand name. This proves that webinars are not just responsible for building quality backlinks, but even are good to build brand reputation.

    Mentioning your brand name with a website link is a way to promote your brand and attain a good brand value. Look for the sites where you can publish the webinars. You can even target sites that allow guest blogging. Sometimes, these sites also have a separate corner for webinars.

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Backlinks are most powerful and advantageous to SEO. If you are heading to run an SEO campaign, don’t forget to add ‘improving backlinks’ into your list.

However, not all types of backlinks are useful. Besides these rank-oriented backlinks, there are certain links that you must avoid. These include paid links, spammy links, low-quality forum links, irrelevant directory links, etc. 

Avoid them to avoid black hat SEO techniques. Otherwise, your site may get banned by Google. 

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