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5 Animation Apps That You Can Use For Best Animation Creation


The animation was introduced in the late 18th century. It was introduced as a moving picture that was created by drawing images frame by frame. The major attraction that it had was that it presented pictures as if they were moving in a structured motion, and that was what the film making industry picked it up for.

After a while, people realized that it could become an amazing way of visual representation. Other fields like architecture, health care, marketing, and advertising and such others started to contemplate on it, and this was what made the animation to become one of the most used ways of visual representation. But what we faced as a challenge was going to a video animation company and getting it done.

It was a challenge because of being dependent on the professionals to make the perfect animations and moreover because of the amount that was to be paid against this service, and that is where technology came to the rescue. A number of apps of animation were launched that had the ability to generate animation for you just by going through a few easy steps.

Here is a list that can help you out if you are looking for any such app.

1. Animation Creator HD Free

The main attraction of this app was the word “Free” which resembled that you have to pay nothing in order to get your animations done.This app can make you bring your creativity to life by using the powerful drawing tools that this application has. Main features of this app apart from being free was that it has drawing tools, easy navigation, import of videos from camera and audio manager that can let you create the best animations by your own effort.

2. Stop Motion Recorder

Stop motion is one of the oldest and most used kinds of animation and this app has targeted the same kind with greater effect.It lets you record through your camera, and then a few easy steps can make you convert the same into stop motion. Not just creation but this app also has the features that let you share your animated videos with the world.

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3. LookSee Animation

Time-lapse animation and slow-motion are what has made this app to be enlisted in the top five animation apps list. It has used a bit of AI support to make your pictures or recordings to be assisted through similar kind of animations. Also, you can alter what has been recommended by AI in this application.

4. StickDraw-Animation Maker

Well, drawing a cartoon in a pad is one of the most implicated forms of drawing for entertainment, and this idea has been brought to technological and digital mediums through this application. From creating to recording anything could be done in the context of pictures with this app and then it can be animated as you want. Although the app is free, it has a number of ads going around and to remove the same; you need to pay a required amount.

These apps could be a perfect choice if you don’t have any idea about animation and yet has to get some animations. Precisely, these apps are for normal people who want to get any kind of animations.However, getting to a professional 3d video animation company is the best idea amongst all of these. It will lead you to the best results with creative ideas. The only drawback it has is the cost that it will incur, which will be much higher than any of these animation makers. But the results you’ll get will be excellent.


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